Abagusii Global Radio 

AGR LIVE App is a user friendly media app that:
1. Allows you to listen to: 
• Audio Livestreams 
• Recorded shows (podcasts) – that you can either listen online or offline (after downloading them) without any data usage. 

2. Makes you a part of AGR LIVE Radio community, giving you access to the most important online communities the broadcaster has:
• Facebook and the latest Facebook Posts (Integrated in the app) 
• Twitter posts – just one click apart
• Website, Instagram, etc… 

3. Gives you an interactive media experience through:
• Radio Reporter Feature:: you can send pictures, audio, text, and video from your phone to the broadcaster 
• Notification Feature: you will be able to receive information about the latest news, programs, contests and sport competition results directly from your broadcaster 
• Flash Poll Feature: let your voice be heard, by answering to the hottest questions and polls the Radio will address to you. 

Download it now! It’s not just a Radio, it’s your next community!